Finally Cuneo, a very “provençal” province, where flavours meet traditions, enriched by the influence of neighbouring France, Ligury and the Aosta mountains.

One of the main attractions of the “Granda” province, so called because of its extent (about 7000 square metres), is the possibility of getting in touch with nature and various landscapes: from the high mountains to the hills of Langhe and Roero, from the plains to villages and towns. Located on the south-western side of Piedmont, it looks like a sort of amphitheatre with plains in the middle, with Turin on the northern side, surrounded by the Alps and the Langhe hills.

There are many opportunities to practice sports in every season. The territory itself represents actually one of the province’s main resources, as, in a few kilometres, you can find countryside, hills and mountains, each maintaining its charm and peculiarities. According to the season, the landscapes evoke different emotions, depending on the colours, sounds and flavours.

Here traditions and ancient crafts are handed down from the mists of time. It’s another matter in the case of local products, such as wines, the veritable ambassadors of these lands in the world, and truffles: just a few slices of this elixir are enough to make most of traditional local dishes even more special. Wine and history, hills and colours, flavours and art, are the main ingredients of a unique territory that is yet to be discovered.