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Lungo la rotta dei Castelli del Monferrato

Gavi (93 km)
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 Here is an itinerary that we suggest  be programmed in at least two stages seeing that there are not only  a lot of kilometers to cover but above all, there is so much to discover and one needs time to enjoy the Territory.

The route starts from Gavi, a village of medieval origin (and worth a stop!), where you can visit the ancient fort dating back to the year one thousand and then expanded and transformed during the 16th and 17th centuries; You can reach it by  a narrow and steep climb (it takes good legs!) leading to one of the main entrances.

Exit Gavi in the direction of San Cristoforo following a flat road that runs alongside  the Lemme torrent and winds through ancient villas of the 17th and 18th centuries and after a short curvey climb you reach the village, bordering  the Castle once of the Spinola family , characterized by an irregularly shaped polygonal agile tower. On  leaving the town head towards Castelletto d'Orba taking a beautiful downhill stretch through the vineyards (the lands of Gavi , also a well- known white wine that characterizes this region) leading  to the small villages of Crebini and Cazzuli. Ariving at the source Feja  continue along a flat stretch that leads to Castelletto d'Orba  with its  13th-century castle. A nice road along the  ridge leads to Montaldeo dominated by another elegant castle of the Doria family, famous for its ghosts, and from there to the village of Mornese surrounding the Doria Castle.

The route continues along winding roads curving through wooded hills up to see the tall, imposing and impressive Castle of Casaleggio Boiro; It is already on the slopes of the Apennines and continues to Lerma, whose stone castle of the Spinola family dominates the precipice of  the Piota torrent : going downhill bending  towards Tagliolo Monferrato, a small village with tufa houses  closely surrounding  the castle of the Marquis Pinelli Gentile.

Go down the valley in the direction of Ovada and at the entrance of the town turn in the direction of Alessandria: after crossing the Orba torrent, follow the road leading to Rocca Grimalda: the first part of the route is flat, but then the  street goes up hill with wide bends until reaching  this quaint village, grouped around the Castle of Malaspina and of the Grimaldis, with its circular tower, its ghosts and its Italian styled garden.

Along the ridge of the Ovada hills richly cultivated with Dolcetto, you reach another medieval village dominated by an ancient castle with a square tower and protective walls: Carpeneto.  After a series of hills you arrive at Trisobbio, with its stone castle where you can climb the tower and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Another couple of demanding hills lead to Cremolino, a stone hamlet clustered around a medieval castle. Continue down the valley in the direction of Ovada crossing the village of Molare, with its castle dated as a fortified forest of  ancient times band which was restored at the end of the nineteenth century by architect Alfredo D'Andrade.  Now you head once again to  Ovada , go through the city center and just out of the city follow the provincial road towards Ovada: over flat lands crossing  Silvano, Capriata and Basaluzzo  arriving at Francavilla Bisio, where there is  an uninhabited terracotta castle.

The road runs along the castle and rises gently  following  the direction of Tassarolo, which is reached by continuing along the golf course. Leave Tassarolo with its imposing castle of  Spinola  to reach the small hamlet of Rovereto,  immersed in a frame of Gavi vineyards,  go down the valley  by taking a right and on reaching the plain follow the road to Gavi. One can admire the historic seventeenth-century mansions which are  now important wineries and the Lemme torrent which has deep waters and gorges excavated into the tufa rock,  going slightly uphill until reaching Gavi. (By Matteo Gandetto)

Points of interest

Gavi, Fort of Gavi

Castelletto d'Orba the Municipality website

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Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
15066 Gavi (AL)
districts passed through
Carpeneto, Casaleggio Boiro, Castelletto d'Orba, Gavi, Montaldeo, Rocca Grimalda, Tagliolo Monferrato

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Forte di Gavi
Alessandria | Castles, Fortresses
Forte di Gavi
The town of Gavi, famous for its white wine, is a truly ancient place that existed even in neolithic times. Under the Romans Gavium had an important strategic position on a link road between the Via Postumai and the Via Emilia which accounts for the existence, even then, of a castle that allowed …
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Museo dei Campionissimi
Alessandria | Museum
Museo dei Campionissimi
The Cycling Museum at Novi Ligure is a shrine to sports cycling and the history of the bicycle. A museum with more than 3,000 square metres of exhibition area that’s given over to the heroes of the sport both from the past and the present. The museum is housed in a former factory, carefully …
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