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Libarna and Southern Monferrato by bike

Serravalle Scrivia (48 km)
Highlights and tour details

Starting from the parking lot of the famous archaeological site of Libarna (a prestigious site of Roman origin) turn right towards Serravalle Scrivia and continue straight after the first roundabout, arriving at a traffic light (Km 1.5) . Follow the road  which flanks the railroad tracks  and go through a second set  of traffic lights  and at km 2, 2  turn left and then turn right again in the direction of Alexandria  at the third set of traffic lights (2.3 km).

At this point, follow the main road through Serravalle to an intersection (km 3.00) from where  you follow the road signs for Monterotondo. Leaving the urban environment,  start the uphill climb surrounded by beautiful vineyards and at 4.7 km continue to follow signs left towards  Monterotondo until  finally reaching the small village (km 6,7 ). Go through the village.

After turning left in the direction of Gavi (7,2 km), you are faced with a demanding route for the next 3km until reaching Km 10,5 where you intersect  a road which leads you to Gavi (turn right), a city universally known for production of the famous wine named after the area.

Just before entering the town, after about 400 meters to the right is a detour to the fortress of Gavi, (a historic fortress of millennial origin) from where (for those who will be pleased to reach the fortress) you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic of the surrounding hills.

Once entering Gavi and having crossed  the square, enter into Via Garibaldi and follow it until the (km 11,8) signs indicating the towns of Mornese, Bosio and Parodi. Passing along Via delle Confraternite and Vico Portino (there is a well preserved medieval fortress here) continue following the directions towards Bosio and Mornese and at km 15 arriving at the small hamlet of Alice di Gavi.

Go along the main road which crosses through the town, at a certain point (at 16.4 km) follow the signs left towards Carrosio and after crossing a small bridge is a demanding stretch of about 4 km before turning right in the direction of Voltaggio (km 20,2)

The small village of Voltaggio (a little village with characteristic Ligurian tracts) is almost 4 km away and once you reach the entrance of the village (km 24,3 at a crossroads) continue along the main road that borders the village for another one km towards Genova.

On reaching the roundabout (km 25,7), take  the first road to the right which leads  to the  characteristic village of Voltaggio, along with its art gallery, churches,  palaces and its oratories ( the famous and beautiful Pinacoteca dei Cappuccini is just before the bridge on the right).

After crossing the town from north to south (Via de Rossi, Via Roma and Corso Mazzini) resume the road already traveled previously in the direction of Carrosio (km 27.2). At km 31,00, near Carrosio follow the indication to the right which leads  to the small hamlet of Sottovalle and from here begins the most demanding ascent of the entire route, immersed in a wonderful naturalistic setting characterized by the numerous gullies present in this area.

Without  leaving the main road and after crossing through the village of Sottovalle, is a flat stretch (km 39.4) of the road which, to the left  leads  to Arquata Scrivia. ( a visit to the Medieval Gothic House is highly recommended). Enter the city (km 41.9) and continue to stay on the main road following the signs for Serravalle Scrivia / Alexandria  for  about 2 km.

Finally, continue following the signs towards Serravalle Scrivia and with the town of Arquata behind you, (the same stretch of ancient Via Postumia for a couple of km) returning  to the starting point on the right halfway between Arquata and Serravalle Scrivia. by Ivan Reitano.

Points of interest

·         Archaeological area of the ancient Roman city of Libarna: for info and reservations please visit and


·         Arquata Scrivia: Gothic House (XIV cent.) With permanent display of cribs and dioramas: For info and reservations visit and call at 339/3146346 (Mr Alfredo Bossi)


·         Gavi: Historic fort of Gavi (X cent.). For info and reservations please visit and contact the Association "Amici del Forte di Gavi"  email:


·         Voltage: Pinacoteca dei cappuccini di Voltaggio. For info and reservations visit and contact L'Arcangelo Association at N ° 3474608672

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
via arquata, 63
15069 Serravalle Scrivia (AL)
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districts passed through
Arquata Scrivia, Carrosio, Gavi, Serravalle Scrivia, Voltaggio
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Forte di Gavi
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Forte di Gavi
The town of Gavi, famous for its white wine, is a truly ancient place that existed even in neolithic times. Under the Romans Gavium had an important strategic position on a link road between the Via Postumai and the Via Emilia which accounts for the existence, even then, of a castle that allowed …
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Museo dei Campionissimi
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Museo dei Campionissimi
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Pinacoteca del Convento dei Padri Cappuccini
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Pinacoteca del Convento dei Padri Cappuccini
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