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La Greenway due cittadelle

da Casale Monferrato a Alessandria (44 km)
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They call it the Greenway two citadels, it  actually connects the two citadels, that of Alexandria to that of Casale Monferrato and is an evocative ride between two beating historical hearts. The two former military, prestigious historical and architectural cemeteries meet through a specially signposted path. If you want to go in the direction of Alessandria  follow the red signs, if you want to go in the direction of Casale Monferrato follow the green signs. There are six municipalities joining the project with cycling services.

The itinerary was reported by Fiab Monferrato on January 16, 2016 and is so briefly described: from Cittadella di Casale you leave on a stretch of unpaved road starting in the Bosco di Campo di Marte (112 m above sea level), exiting from this stretch turning left following the signs. Leaving the urban traffic, take the overpass and onto a road with a low traffic flow leading onto  a dirt road that runs along the Lanza Canal, turn right at the canal bridge.

Here you leave the dirt road for a road with a low level of traffic. Turn left and the canal bridge turn left again. Shortly a dirt road begins. After passing a new overpass on the highway turn right. After a short while go along the railroad and turn left in front of the former Collegio San Carlo built by Don Bosco. Then turn right and go under the archway. In the square go on Via Roma, which is closed to traffic. There is a water supply point here.

At the Municipality of Borgo San Martino you pass through the Central Food Shops, then exit on the pedestrian and cycle road closed to traffic. You pass the Arch  and proceed to the railroad, after passing the level crossing , turn right. An unpaved road  starts here which becomes agricultural with rice paddies  and reaches the Highway overpass. The stretch of dirt road finishes after crossing the bridge over Canale Lanza. There  is a stretch on the walkway/cycle path  to the Pro Loco of Occimiano, passing through the center of the village, to the Town Hall  where there is another water point.  After passing through the  center of the village begins an unpaved road. After the bridge over the Rio is a short, easy climb to reach Mirabello.

Turn left onto the grassy cycle path. It passes in front of the Town Hall of Mirabello, in the central square -  Piazza Mirabello is a Bar / Refreshment area (with special prices for Cyclists on the Greenway). At  Viale Alberato, follow the signs for the one-way road leading to Alexandria. Exit from Mirabello. After passing the Industrial Zone, turn right. Shortly after  starts an unpaved road which goes past Stables, near the Motocross Field, take the underpass of the Highway. At Priata turn right, a gentle ascent starts here and reaches up to the Valdolenga Region.

This is a part of a challenging climb (163 m a.s.l), after which it joins the provincial road to the left leading to San Salvatore (222 m above sea level). Here, turn right, onto a village street of cobblestones. Along the main road of the village, on the left, at the end of Via Sant'Antonio  is a small square dedicated to Alfonsina Strada, the rebel biker who challenged the champions  in the Cycling Tour of Italy in 1924. Here, turn left at the central square. Go past a bar and the Town Hall and turn right.

The Fourth Valley, also known as the Road to Hell begins. A stage with very little traffic. At the intersection turn left and take the underpass with a cycle path. Enter right onto “ la Strada Ambientale”  an Environmental Road exclusive to  the few residents with  some stretches of unpaved areas. After the highway on via Porcellana, begins a road with traffic up to the Citadel for 1.5 km. Pay attention to the  bicycle paths on the left hand side. A turn right leads to the entrance of the Citadel of Alexandria (93 m asl)

On weekdays you can return by train + bike service.

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Points of interest

Two Towns significantly rich in history. Here for information about Casale Monferrato and here for the story of Alexandria.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
bosco campo di marte
15033 Casale Monferrato (AL)
1512x Alessandria (AL)
districts passed through
Alessandria, Casale Monferrato, Occimiano