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In cerca del mito: da Novi a Castellania e ritorno

Novi Ligure (56 km)
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These roads are legendary in every sense. They are the roads that the Champions trained on - Fausto Coppi, his brother Serse, and before them, Costante Girardengo, along with many other heroic cyclists of the Tortona hills who created an epic era of cycling. This route is a particularly challenging path through the Tortona hills that traces the road leading to the birthplace of the Coppi brothers, from Castellania and back to Novi.

It starts from the Museum of Champions in Novi Ligure, a must for those who enjoy the history of cycling. Continuing along the viale dei Campionissimi, follow via Acquistapace until you reach the Stadium; then turn right onto viale della Rimembranza and then left onto Via Manzoni. After 2.6 km, you will come to a roundabout on the road 35 Bis dei Giovi; go straight towards Merella (here, amongst the farmhouses, is a circuit, very popular with cyclists - the Merella circuit. Turn right after 7.6km towards Villalvernia and then after 10.6 km, left to Tortona.

After 10.9 km, at the second traffic light in Villalvernia, continue right towards Castellania (a challenging climb of 400 meters). After 12.9 km, turn left towards Paderna; from here, you will face a 1.2 km challenging climb. You will find a fountain in the square near the Comune. After 15 km turn left towards Spineto (medium climb for 600 mt).
Once in Spineto, after 18 km, there are two dangerous curves. After 18.4 km, turn right towards Carbonara, then right again towards Villaromagnano (19.2 km): at this point, you will find a series of quite dangerous bends. After 19.6 km there is a cycle path and next to it, a parking area.
Here, a detour leads to the climb for La Rampina, on the right, immediately after the beginning of the cycle path, after passing Villaromagnano. It is an alternative to the cycle path in the valley. You arrive at the same place, the entrance to Montale Celli, and then continue on the path to Costa Vescovato. This white road is characteristic of the Mitica bike race that departs and arrives every year from Castellania.
After 20.8 km keep right towards Costa Vescovado and after 22.8 km turn right again. Keep to the right at 25.4 km; there is a challenging climb near the hamlet of Montale Celli. After 28 km turn right towards Castellania (600 mt of difficult climb); at 29 km go left until you get to the birthplace of Fausto Coppi: everything here refers to the Piedmontese champion. Frescoed walls and vintage photos and memorabilia that can be seen at the Coppi house or in a small museum dedicated to him. There is also the mausoleum of the great Fausto Coppi; the monument in honour of the Coppi brothers is object of continuous pilgrimage. For a wine stop, we recommend a visit (by appointment) to the Winery of Marina Coppi, the eldest daughter of the great Champion.

At this point, we continue towards Carezzano Superior. At km 33.8, there is a dangerous bend. At 35.4 km turn left towards Sant'Agata Fossils (3.5 km of average climb), where you will find a fountain, a swimming pool and the unusual presence of a lavender field. At 43.5 km, you reach Gavazzana, a small village where you can admire the surrounding valley from the church. At 46 km keep left towards Cassano. There is a fountain in the village. At 48.2 km, turn right towards Novi Ligure. Continue along Via Verdi, at the traffic lights turn right onto via Cavallotti, and at the next set of traffic lights, turn right onto via Manzoni. Turn left onto viale della Rimembranza, left onto via Crispi, and then continue along Via Acquistapace towards the Museum of Champions (56.2 km) in front of which you will find a large parking lot.

Points of interest

Novi Ligure Comune website HERE, for information about the sul Museo dei Campionissimi read all HERE
Castellania Comune website HERE

Information about La Mitica bike race with historic bicycles on the Coppi route, HERE

Please note: the uphill climbs are difficult; less expert cyclist should use an e-bike

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
via Paolo Giacometti, 22
15067 Novi Ligure (AL)
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districts passed through
Castellania, Novi Ligure
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